Services: Labor Relations

The collective bargaining agreement is the foundation of the employer-union relationship. Management Guidance, LLP represents individual employers and multiemployer groups in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements on a regular basis. We use our experience along with proven processes to guide clients through collective bargaining and achieve bargaining goals.

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Lead Negotiators

Our attorneys serve as lead negotiators on behalf of multiemployer groups, joint bargaining groups, and single employers in collective bargaining agreement negotiations.

Negotiations Counsel

Our attorneys offer ongoing legal and strategic support to employers in collective bargaining agreement negotiations, at the table and/or outside of the actual negotiations. 

Negotiations Counsel – Strategy and Planning

Our attorneys offer support to employers in advance of labor negotiations over the course of one or more strategy sessions to develop a comprehensive plan for achieving collective bargaining goals.

Contract Administration
Our attorneys provide support to employers during the term of the collective bargaining agreement, assisting with issues such as contract interpretation and enforcement, and related questions about benefit funds.

Dispute Resolution – Grievances, ULPs

Our attorneys represent employers in in grievance and unfair labor practice charge proceedings, with an emphasis on achieving efficient business outcomes.

Labor-Management Committees

Our attorneys support employers working with labor-management groups, such as trade and disputes boards, by acting as counsel to employer committee members or serving as a member of the committee itself. 

General Labor Relations Counsel

Our attorneys have experience with a broad spectrum of labor relations matters, ranging from project labor agreements to pension withdrawal liability.  Management Guidance, LLP offers its clients timely access to expert legal and practice advice on labor relations issues.